From June 03 2011 to July 03 2011


TEJAL SHAH, bombay

Exhibition June 3 to July 3, 2011
Vernissage Friday, June 3, 7pm
Artist talk Saturday, June 4, 3pm
- closed Friday July 1st for Canada day -

The Incidental Self

I saw her, sitting there
stuffing her mouth with snow

the mirror glinted
a blind reflection

No task too big
nor anything as such

Are you saying that, "nothing happens by chance?"
I nod.
But I am conflicted for a while now,
what does that mean?
It sounds a bit too fatalistic or karmic…

How should I explain that I am born Kurdish?
or that I lost an eye to the land mines, playing in the fields outside Phnom Penh

What constitutes yours and mine?

We own a home together
have two dogs together
a joint bank account
and a shared mortgage

what more do you want from me?

What constitutes good design?

Can you hear me even when my words are borrowed?
Do I burrow a hole in your back, as I lie silently aligned to your vertebrae?

I jump and hop all over you.

For Christ's sake, give me a break.

I never felt so relieved before
until you severed the blood ties
that connected us
as Frida was to her twin or
the dancers of Era Mela Mela.

Never you cease to amaze me.
I am talented, so fucking talented
you have no idea

I prise the door open
open beer bottles with lighters
and mere teeth

I just wanted to say it out loud like my friend did -

Like it or not, I am partaking in what I think of as a supreme
form of art
and you can just go and fuck yourself if you don't like it

What care?

- Artist statement by Shah. She is a visual artist based in Bombay, India. Her work like herself is feminist, political and queer.

This exhibition has been sponsored by Video Assist/Video Mtl.
La Centrale would like to thank its artists, members and Les Brasseurs RJ.