From June 07 2018 to June 09 2018


June 7, 8, 9, from 12pm to 5pm

La Centrale and DARE-DARE will be showcasing their centre’s publications. La Centrale members will be selling their creations, zines and other unusual objects. And don't forget the famous sweatshirt and t-shirts of La Centrale!

Participating members :
Claire Sherwood, Venus Lukic, Fanny Dubois, Zoé Boivin (TBC).

En vente:

LA CENTRALE GALERIE POWERHOUSE : publications, sweatshirts, t-shirts

DARE-DARE : publications

CLAIRE SHERWOOD : zines, posters, coasters

VENUS LUKIC : graphic tale, oil paintings

FANNY DUBOIS : artist book, costumes - Facebook

ZOÉ BOIVIN : to be confirmed - Facebook

More info on FACEBOOK