The June 09 2018


Po B. K. Lomami
Claire Obscure

Intervention / Performance Samedi 9 juin, 14h30 à 16h30

Do you feel systematically uncomforatable when oppressions pop in the conversation ?

Dr Batamu and Dr Voldenoire, experts emeritus in medical intervention, systemic deconstruction and theoretical exorcism in monochrome environment are also well-known and renowned as familiar foreigners in public and Great Replacement agents in the shadows.

As part of their pilote interdisciplinary intervention programme, Dr Batamu and Dr Voldenoire will open their consultation room in the gallery in order to provide short sessions for La Centrale Galerie Powerhouse community and its public.

We encourage you to come to get your diagnosis on Saturday June 9, from 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm at 4296, Saint-Laurent boulevard in Montreal, unceded territory.



Po B. K. Lomami and Claire Obscure propose an experimental, performative and collaborative intervention with an afrofeminist and anti-imperialist anchorage. Black medecine : a consultation is a performance of intrusion and interference that aims to turn the context inside out. They want to foster self-examiniation and self-criticism and place the visitors in an ambivalent situation : between the desire to maintain the status quo through denial and the will to get exposed to move forward. By reversing the gaze, the individual experience will lead the audience to reflect on power dynamics, social privilege, under/non-representation of BIPOC (black people, indigenous people and people of color) and institutionnalisation of this feminist place.

Crédits photo Valérie Bah, Po B. K. Lomami, Claire Obscure.

Claire Obscure

Photography, music, video, painting, poetry, sculpture, Claire Obscure identifies as an artivist and keeps pushing her expressive and technical boundaries. Her art is one of an existential struggle evolving in an experimental continuum, from her afrofeminist anti-imperialist plateforme La Toile d’Alma to her current projects. In her short documentary Integrated But Not Assimilated (2016), she invited her mother to tell their story of a lost family heritage in the intimacy of a conversation about transmission. Resilience(s) (2017) displays an unapologetic subjective perspective on the resistance of black women in contemporary France. Claire Obscure now lives in Montreal, works at the feminist bookstore L’Euguélionne while perfecting her visual and performative arts practices. -

Po B. K. Lomami

Po B. K. Lomami is an Congodesendant (DRC) activist, socio-artistic project programmer and coordinator, performer, writer, musician and zine maker from Belgium. Her work deals with négritude, disability, queerness, diaspora, transmission, loss, alternative with an anticolonial, afrofeminist and anticapitalist agenda. After simultaneously getting a master in business engineering and being involved with LGBT, queer and sexual health organizations for five years, she created several projects including Intersectionnalité TMTC Bruxelles (2015, BE) and EXTRACT (2016, SE). She writes for afro and poc media such as AssiégéEs and Q-zine. Her latest political-artistic work includes the performance Consultation d’une afro-ratée (BE), the zine LITTLE RADICAL SECRET (SE) and the photo-zine project Montreal, 1985 (CA). She currently works at La Centrale as the administrative coordinator and she is a member of articule. -