La Centrale galerie Powerhouse is an artist-run centre dedicated to the dissemination and development of multidisciplinary feminist practices. We are committed to supporting artists and artistic practices that are marginalized from dominant cultural institutions, and at various stages of their careers. Our programming is in dialogue with feminisms and supports intersectionality and social justice. 

La Centrale is committed to principles of anti-racism, anti-oppression, and equity. Please see La Centrale’s Basis of Unity and Anti-Harassment Policy for more information.


  • Contract type: Permanent 

  • Start date: June 2023

  • Hours per week: 28 hours

  • Schedule: Flexible work hours, availability on nights and weekends required for special events and gallery sitting. Work will be a hybrid model of work-from-home and on-site

  • Salary: $23.21/hour, with annual increases according to the salary policy in place

  • Benefits: 4 weeks paid vacation during first year of contract (during the centre's winter closure), with additional weeks in second year of contract; generous number of paid sick days; budget for reimbursement of health-related expenses

  • Application Deadline: April 10, 2023 (11:59 p.m. EST) (or, until filled)



For information on the accessibility of La Centrale, please visit the Accessibility page of our website.

The position of GENERAL CO-DIRECTOR & COMMUNICATIONS & PUBLIC ENGAGEMENT holds four main areas of responsibility: 

  • Ensure that communications reflect the centre’s activities and its mandate while respecting the graphic identity

  • Develop strategies to ensure that communications are effective in reaching a broad spectrum of audiences 

  • Develop initiatives that enhance and support programming projects, including: mediation activities and events outside of the regular exhibition programming

  • Ensure that the centre’s archives are properly organised and sent to Concordia University and Artexte


Responsibilities :


  • Develop the communications plan and strategies in line with the activities and mandate of the centre

  • Ensure that La Centrale's public image reflects its mandate

  • Ensure consistency in La Centrale's communications

  • Develop a communications calendar for social media and newsletters

  • Ensure that communications are in line with the artistic programming and activities of the centre and respect the centre’s graphic identity and mandate

  • Hire and coordinate a graphic designer to create templates for the centre’s evolving graphic identity 

  • Create visuals and content that respects that centre’s graphic identity

  • Maintain the web site and social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.)

  • Coordinate the production of printed materials related to programming initiatives, including: press releases, postcards, exhibition pamphlets

  • Coordinate the layout of the Annual Report 

  • Ensuring and maintaining positive relations with a range of media outlets 

  • Develop and implement visibility agreements with media partners

  • Ensure the placement of relevant advertisements to promote programming initiatives

  • Coordinate the documentation (photo and video) of programming activities

  • Prepare grant reports and the centre's annual report as it relates to communications and public engagement activities (complete the statistics table on attendance and programming activities)

Cultural Outreach

  • Coordinate committees related to the position

  • Coordinate cultural outreach activities related to the centre’s regular programming in collaboration with the General Co-Director & Operations, including: conferences, workshops, guided tours

  • Coordinate school visits and represent the centre to academic institutions


  • Hire and manage contractual support staff for communications and archives (Emploi-Québec, Young Canada Works, internships) 

  • Maintain the documentation archives of the centre’s programming activities, including: photos and videos associated with exhibitions

  • Coordinate the delivery of the centre’s archives to Concordia University and Artexte 

  • Organise documents as needed related to exhibitions for Concordia University and Artexte and maintain exhibition binders

  • Ensure the proper organisation of the Drive and sever, in collaboration with the team

  • Maintain the inventory of publications on-line and at the gallery, in collaboration with the team 

Desired Qualifications:

  • Project management experience and ability to coordinate collaborative projects

  • Ability to develop a public image for the centre that is consistent with its values and mandate

  • Experience coordinating project timelines 

  • Writing skills

  • Capacity to synthesize information in a clear and concise manner

  • Ability to create and monitor project timelines 

  • Ability to manage social media platforms 

  • Good aesthetic sensibilities 

  • Proven creativity 

  • Ability to develop and nurture the public voice and image of La Centrale 

  • Experience working in a cultural institution or more generally having knowledge of artistic practices

  • Good knowledge of Mailchimp, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Canva

  • Confidence working with CMS and CRM


  • Proven commitment to equity, diversity, intersectionality, and practices of anti-racism and anti-oppression

  • Ability to approach complex issues raised by the concerns of interdisciplinary feminism, anti-racism, and anti-oppression with care and nuance

  • Ability to work collaboratively while managing and nurturing La Centrale's values and mandate

  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills

  • Ability to work between administrative and creative tasks

  • Ability to work collaboratively within a small non-hierarchical team

  • Ability to work independently and hold oneself accountable to responsibilities and deadlines

  • Ability to manage stressful situations and to be patient and flexible 

  • Capacity for problem solving and resourcefulness

  • Willingness to ask for help when needed

These qualifications represent a sample of relevant skills and experience. Candidates may possess qualifications that are not included in this list. Even if you do not have all of these qualifications, we encourage you to apply. We believe in the potential of growth and curiosity and welcome applications from anyone who is excited to do the work.

Fluency in French and English (verbal and written) is required, knowledge of a language other than French or English is a plus.

To Apply:

To apply, please complete and submit the application form.

In order to ensure an equitable hiring process, applicants’ personal information (including name and self-identifications) will be censored from the application. The hiring committee will not have access to this information when selecting applicants for interviews.

Questions regarding the position and application process can be sent to:

Applicants must be legally allowed to work in Quebec and Canada.

Job offer (PDF)