From June 11 2016 to June 12 2016

Atelier de fanzine féministe polyphonique

avec la participation de Julie Laurin
Caroline Boileau

Atelier de fanzine collectif

Samedi 11 juin, 12h à 19h
Dimanche 12 juin, 12h à 17h

Drawing and collage workshops will result in the creation of a collective fanzine: participants (artists, non-artists, passersby and families) will be invited to explore the notion of identity through drawing, writing and collage. Which body are we inhabiting? Which body(ies) are we dreaming of? Which body(ies) do we need?

Once finished, the pages-collages will be displayed in the gallery. The fanzine will be assembled and distributed to the participants at the end of the day on Sunday.

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