From February 25 2020 to March 30 2020


Members exhibition

Deadline extended to March, 30, 2020, inclusively

Dear members, This year again, La Centrale is celebrating your talent and hard work by hosting a collective exhibition dedicated to your art. This is a precious chance to promote our community's interdisciplinary and intersectional artistic vision by providing a solid professional exhibition experience to our members. Part of La Centrale’s mandate is to put forward the work of underrepresented artists amongst dominant cultural institutions while conversing with feminisms.

Feminisms evolve and move constantly. They incite us to reinvent ourselves. Even in the heart of La Centrale’s mandate and history, there are traces of continuous renewal. When facing upheavals, our answer is often novation, movement, adaptation. These needed metamorphoses become a part of our identity, which is itself continuously changing. What if these transformations were more than periodic adjustments, but a relentless search for balance, as a permanent state of mind?

We invite you to explore your inner revolutions and to observe the perpetuous movement of the world by acknowledging these questions: When do we choose to reinvent ourselves? What are the vestiges of our metamorphoses? How is our identity influenced by our evolutions? What are our rituals of rebirth? How is artistic creation a way to renew ourselves? Where does a metamorphose begin? Where does it end? How does our personal transformations affect the social and the political? Can the act of reinventing oneself manifest in the form of social change?

This year, the members’ exhibition will present 10 selected artists. With a 220$ fee given to each artist, they will experience a professional and authentic community show. The members’ exhibition will be open for 5 weeks, from June 12th, 2020 to July 10th, 2020. A vernissage will be held on the opening night, and other activities will be paired to the programming. We accept every type of projects connected to the theme and to the intersectional feminist mandate of La Centrale. Each artist can submit up to 3 different projects. The exposition fee 3 will be given to each exhibitor artist regardless of the quantity of projects selected. Visual work, installations, mediatic work, texts, performances, sculptures, audio work, discussions, readings and every other types of projects are welcome.

Application content

In order to assure the impartiality of the selection committee, we ask the artists to send their application documents using a nickname. All applications must include:

● A filled application form (fill online here)

● Bio+Resume

● Support documents (photo, audio, video)

● Technical needs


● Being a member at La Centrale at the time of the call for proposals. Members of the C.A., Exhibition committee and Performance committee can participate. Members of the selection committee and La Centrale workers CANNOT participate.

● Sending your application in the allowed time frame of the call for proposals.

● Open to members internationally (Note that transportation and stay costs will be at your expense)

● All types of projects accepted

● Projects previously exhibited/shown/performed in Montréal or elsewhere accepted (Please precise the date and location of previous showing)

Deadline for projects submissions: March 30, 2020

Everyone will be contacted at the end of the selection process, around mid-April 2020