The February 29 2020

Community brunch with the artist Tara Lynn MacDougall

Event: Saturday, February 29, 2020, 1-3pm

You're invited to attend a potluck lunch and artist talk within the exhibition It's Worth Repeating (So I Did). We are attempting a more casual/less formal artist talk in the form of a community meal. If you are able, please bring a dish or snack and share in casual conversation.

Tara Lynn MacDougall's work interrogates forms of status, hierarchy and dominant systems of knowledge and social order. Interest in hosting a community lunch to change the format of the traditional artist talk stems from her experiences in different cities around the country. In Kingston Ontario, she and her partner ran an experimental monthly exhibition program Open 48 out of their home. The exhibitions took place over a 48 hr period and finished by cooking and sharing a meal with the exhibiting artist(s). In Lethbridge Alberta, where she has resided for the last three years, potlucks for visiting artists have a long history in the community. The University of Lethbridge Art Now program hosts 1-3 visiting artists per week. Each visiting artist is hosted for a meal/potluck by an artist in the community. MacDougall has regarded the conversations taking place at these events to be beneficial and more advantageous than the more formal talks from previous experiences.

The program for the potluck is open ended. The conversation will be informal, tracing lines of inquiry through the issues raised in MacDougall's work and pursued by the shared enthusiasms of the attendees.

Join us and see where the conversation takes us!