From November 11 2016 to December 09 2016


JJ Levine (Montréal)

Exposition du 11 Novembre au 9 Décembre, 2016
Vernissage Vendredi 11 Novembre, 18h à 21h
Présentation d'artiste 19h

« This body of work is about radically reimagining parenthood; it’s about my relationship to the photographic medium and its capacity to commemorate the people that I love as we embark on a new phase of life together. I create a dialog between still and moving images, as well as sound to express my ideas around intimacy and family. I hope to contribute to visual representation of alternative, queer family structures, as I rarely find images that reflect my life choices and those of the people around me.

In keeping with many of my previous works, this one addresses friendship and community, as they continue to play a critical role in my life. I embrace the tension that exists when seemingly banal gestures are enacted by non-traditional bodies. » - JJ Levine

JJ Levine is a Montreal-based artist working in intimate portraiture. Most know for his series Queer Portraits, Alone Time, and Switch, Levine's photography explores gender, sexuality, self-identity, and queer space. Levine holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography and Interdisciplinary Studies in Sexuality, and is currently pursuing a Masters in Fine Arts at Concordia University. Levine has been honoured with several portfolio awards and received grants from the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec and the Canada Council for the Arts. Levine’s work has been exhibited at galleries, art festivals, and academic conferences across Canada, the United States, and Europe. As well, Levine has guest lectured for Communications and Photography courses at Concordia University and Ottawa U and has been published in the academic journal, Photography and Culture (UK). His work has also been featured in art magazines and newspapers internationally, including CV Photo, Slate magazine, and The Guardian Observer. Levine's artistic practice balances radical gender politics with a strong formal aesthetic.

In conjunction with the exhibition, the LGBT Family Coalition will present:

The conference Familles Queer?
on November 14, from 6pm-9pm
at University of Montreal,
Pavillon Marie-Victorin
(90 ave Vincent-D’Indy), salle D-451

A visit of JJ Levine's exhibition
November 26, 2pm
Reservation to be made at the Coalition