From June 08 2007 to June 10 2007

Grand Prix at La Centrale

Cassette launch, concert and performance


Opening and Show Friday, June 8, 7pm
Performance 2pm
Video projection 8pm

La Centrale intervenes during the Montreal Grand Prix with 2 events!

Launch and show for the 2 new Pink Triforce tapes !
Pink Triforce
: is a tape label that floats on a sea of happiness.   Whether the tides are in or out, we'll use what we have. ( )
Pink Triforce presents :
Sarah Mangle : Singer/Songwriter Powerhouse rocking the ukulele like Van Halen wails on the axe.(   ) Warriorette : Her full name is Pirate Warrior.  She's a mean, lean introspective machine.( 27   )
The show starts at 8pm

Car Wash! Dayna McLeod
performance @ 2pm, June 9 video projection after 8pm

Car Wash! is a Grand Prix Intervention- an homage to double D cups, big hair, and plastic women made especially for auto(mobile)erotic display purposes. Featuring a cast that includes Honey Dew and Bambi Duvet, this team of buxom babes arrive on scene at La Centrale Galerie Powerhouse at 2pm on June 9th to scrub-a-dub-rub a 1993 Toyota Tercel rust-bucket clean as the day it was resold in 2006.
All of the wet t-shirts, dropped sponges, and sexy soapy suds will be captured on video and projected in the La Centrale window after 8pm on June 9th to complement the Grand Prix festivities.
Featuring Honey Dew (Alyson Vishnovska), Bambi Duvet (Miriam Ginestier), and Heather Kravas with camera work by Dayna McLeod and Nikol Mikus.

Last weekend : Orientité : exhibition in the gallery until Sunday, June 10th, 5pm Adel Kim Gouillon, Jane Jin Kaisen, Nathalie Mihee-Lemoine et Catthy Min Jung

Grand Prix at La Centrale