The February 10 2011

I'm your biggest fan

soirée powerhouse projection

ANNE MCGUIRE, san francisco, ca
HARRY DODGE & STANYA KAHN, los angeles, ca
NINA SCHWANSE, nouvelle orleans, louisiana
CATHERINE ROSS, brooklyn, ny
LUCAS MICHAEL, new york, ny
KELLY SEARS, houston, tx
commissaire : JULIE LEQUIN, montreal

Video screening Thursday, February 10, 7pm 

“I Am Your Biggest Fan”is a compilation of short length videos by American artists from Texas, New York, Louisiana and California, curated by artist Julie Lequin. 

The selected works tell compelling narratives in an intricate, sexy and clever way. The videos made between 1991 and now are influenced from pop culture, performance art and storytelling. While some videos are more musical (Anne McGuire, Catherine Ross), others are derived from character playing (Lucas Michael, Nina Schwanse, Harry Dodge & Stanya Kahn), or from secret fantasies (Jennifer Sullivan, Kelly Sears).

While living in California, Julie was introduced to the work of these artists at school, houseparties and at screenings. Sometimes she became friends with them right away, but other times
she would spy on them at the school library or keep an eye on them via internet, being toointimidated to talk to them. This screening was Julie’s excuse to finally get in touch with all of
them. She is thrilled to be showing these inspiring and moving pieces in Montreal, for this oneevening screening at La Centrale.

Julie Lequin (born in Laval, Quebec in 1979) is a French Canadian artist. She received a BFA from Concordia University in 2001 and an MFA from Art Center College of Design (Pasadena, CA) in 2005. This multidisciplinary artist’s first book was published in 2007 by 2nd Cannons Publications (Los Angeles).  In 2009-10, she exhibited at the Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum (CA), La Centrale (Montréal), White Columns and Horton & Liu gallery (NY). Julie was awarded a fellowship from the California Community Foundation and has done residencies at Yaddo (NY), Art Omi (NY), Macdowell Colony (NH) and Les Recollets (Paris, France). Julie is currently based in Quebec and her work can be found online at


Fingering and Footing
Catherine Ross
2005, 3.48 minutes

Voice on the Line
Kelly Sears
2009, 6.52 minutes

I like Men
Anne McGuire
2002, 40 secondes

k-a-t-e (s)
Nina Schwanse
2010, 10.46 minutes

Liza still
Lucas Michael
2005, 20 sec. extrait de 15 minutes

U don’t bring me flowers
Lucas Michael
2006, 3.40 minutes

One-Week Walden
Jennifer Sullivan
2006, 9.51 minutes

Joe Dimaggio 1, 2, 3
Anne McGuire
1991 10.54 minutes

Joy of Sex
Kelly Sears
2003, 2.36 minutes

Let the Good Times Roll
Harry Dodge & Stanya Kahn
2004, 15.43 minutes