The February 05 2019

LABORATORY #1 : first steps towards a decolonial feminism


February 05 05:30 pm | Meeting of the Equity-seeking committee

February 27 06:00 pm | Words and chant with Sedalia Kawennotas Fazio

March 09     02:00 pm | Winter general assembly : "What's happening at La Centrale ?"

The Equity-Seeking Committee begins activities. Through its new Laboratoire, the committee reaffirms the intersectional perspective and social justice of the center while supporting its deep feminist roots. Laboratoire is a new space for reflection and action through art concerning matters animating La Centrale and the Montreal art community. The inaugural edition is an invitation to take our first steps collectively towards a decolonial feminism.

We look forward to welcoming you all, members and friends of La Centrale galerie Powerhouse.