From January 30 2015 to February 27 2015

Se partager les eaux

Marie-France Tremblay (Québec)

Exhibition January 30 to Frebruary 27, 2015
Vernissage Friday January 30, 7pm
Présentation d'artiste 6pm

For this exhibition Se partager les eaux, Marie-France Tremblay prepares a mural that will cover several walls of the gallery. This work is composed of a multiple silkscreen prints, juxtapose one another in a complex manner. She represents an incredible scene in which hundreds of people bathe in a place it would be difficult to name with certainty. A large bath? A lake? A sky? Tremblay's artistic practice is taken up with the motif and its variations.

Marie-France Tremblay grew up in Abitibi-Témiscamingue et lives in Québec City. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts Education. She has maintained the project of creating and publishing one image per day (or almost) on her website marie-dessine for over five years. To date, marie-dessine is the motor for a varied creative practice - multifaceted and meticulous. Inspired by the hazards of the everyday, Marie France Tremblay draws on techniques of drawing, printing, knitting, textile printing, video animation and even more to create series of images or objects.

Tremblay is an active and regular member of the Engramme studio in Québec City and participates in various collaborative projects (she is also member of the knitting collective Colifichet). Recently her work was presented in different exhibitions and events in Québec, notably at l'OEil de Poisson (Québec City), at L'Écart (Rouyn-Noranda) and at Galerie B-312 (Montreal). She has been invited to participate in artistic residencies at L'atelier d'estampe Imago (Moncton) and the Glasgow Print Studio (Glasgow, Scotland).