From June 07 2013 to July 06 2013


Objects and artworks donated by citizens of Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Allison Rowe (Toronto)

Exhibition June 7th to July 6th, 2013

Haiti/Montreal Stories:  An evening of short films and discussion

Thursday July 4th, 6pm - 8pm


In association with this exhibition, three short films will be shown about the realities of Montréal women for Haïtian origin, followed by an informal discussion period.  La Centrale is proud to present this evening of films by Montreal filmmakers Marie-Ève Juste, Judith Brès and Monik Dofen.  

Avec Jeff à moto, Marie-Ève Juste, 2012, 15 min

Jeff, à moto, et Nydia derrière lui. Ils filent entre les voitures et le temps se suspend. La balade terminée, c'est le retour du quotidien. Mais tout ira bien, Jeff reviendra.


Petites mères, Judith Brès, 2006, 34min 45

À Montréal, les adolescentes des communautés noires sont deux fois plus nombreuses à mener leur grossesse à terme que le reste des adolescentes au Québec. À travers le portrait attendrissant de quatre d'entre elles qui se livrent avec candeur à la caméra, on découvre une réalité troublante, plus grave qu'il n'y paraît à première vue.

Mami Wata, Monik Dofen, 1991, 30 min

Une vidéo qui rapporte quelques facettes de l’histoire et de la vie des femmes de descendance africaines et haïtiennes vivant à Montréal dont la contribution à la société québécoise a trop souvent été ignorée.

Une soirée coordonnée par Frédérique Ulman-Gagné et Isabelle Lapierre.  We gratefully acknowledge the support of our friends at GIV in presenting this screening.

Opening Friday June 7th, 6pm, Round Table Discussion 6:30 pm
Fréderic Boisrond, Emile Castonguay,
Isabel Macdonald along with artist Allison Rowe
Moderator: Frédérique Ulman-Gagné
Artist Talk Saturday June 8th, 3pm

Aid for USA and Canada is a collaborative performance, sculpture and archive investigating the monetary and political relationships between Canada, the United States and Haiti. This exhibition is the inaugural Canadian display of the aid collected in 2011. The public display of these items will be supported by a number of events that foster dialogue about Canada, Haiti and the future of international aid.

During a residency at the 2011 Ghetto Biennale in Port-au-Prince, artist Allison Rowe took on the role of a contradictory foreign aid worker, collecting rather than distributing aid. As she wandered the streets of downtown Port-au-Prince Rowe asked people she met⎯many of whom lived in temporary or improvised housing and struggling to access the basic necessities of life⎯to give her donations for the people of North America. The resulting objects and audio recording donations range from activist sculptures, to refuse off the ground, Haitian history lessons, and pleas for help.

Project Participants:
Evens Richlieu, Makendy, Jerry Reginald, Mario Pierre Louis, Evel Romain, Desir Poter, Jean Francois Vanel Pierre, ValBrun Romain, Francois Wandesmon, Serge St Louis, Jean Claude Saenteilus, Gary Belhomme, Christopher Blaine, Alphonse Sony, Jean Milord, Jean Francois René Tato, Adrien Irmeus, Morigène Rosario, Rossignol Gerald, Anatee Ducey, Jean Emmanuel, Ghaïti, Sylvie, David Ricardo, Solan Ge Phrophete, Pierre Enord, Denis Guismy, Mabelle Williams, Vertilus Frantzly, Ras, Leonce Syndia, Felix Johanick, Louis Martine, Sandra Chery, Gerald Bristhole, Cindy Belhomme, Schneica Djaffca Chery, Magdalie Casimir, Betty Casseus, Laugens Duversaint, and Gethor Duversaint.

Allison Rowe is a Toronto based artist and educator who works in sculpture, performance and
social practices. Rowe’s work has most recently been in exhibited at the Harbourfront Centre in
Toronto, the Ghetto Biennale in Port-au-Prince and in public spaces across North America. She
completed her MFA in Social Practice at California College of the Arts in 2011 and her Honours
BFA in Photography from Ryerson University in 2006. Currently Rowe is preparing an exhibition
of the donations she received in Port-au-Prince as part of her work, Aid for USA and Canada.
Artist Website:

Photographic Documentation: Clare Samuel and Larissa Issler

Translation: Max Pierre Jerome and Jean Rodrique Ulcena

audio interview with the artist and Jen Fisher here