The April 02 2009

It’s not easy being GREEN

MICHELLE BUSH, st john's

 Performative presentation thursday april 2, 5h30pm


Newfoundland-based artist Michelle Bush will undertake a performative research residency at Artexte this spring (23 March to 3 April). This residency will be part of the fourth-year installment of her 7 Years of Living Art, a continuation of the work by seminal American artist Linda Montano. As the researcher in residence at Artexte, Bush will use her adaptation of Montano’s methodology to focus on the task of “performing research.” She will investigate material in the collection related to the state of compassion as her fourth year of enquiry reflects upon the corresponding fourth chakra (green). Bush calls into question the nature of conventional research in our quest for knowledge at work, in everyday life, and in more formal contexts (academia and cultural institutions). Bush proposes three outcomes to the process: the durational performance of research within the public space of Artexte; an onsite exhibition of the accumulation of documents; and a discussion of her methodology and the nature of her actions. This discussion will be held at La Centrale Galerie Powerhouse, where Montano and Bush first met in 2003.

Michelle Bush is a performance, installation and intervention artist interested in collaboration and community. Originally from Toronto (ON), Bush lived in Montreal (QC) for two decades before moving to St. John’s (NL) in 2004, to take up the position of Director of Eastern Edge Gallery. She received an MFA from Concordia University, Montreal (QC) in 2004. She is a founding member of the sound performance collective, Women With Kitchen Appliances and is presently the only Canadian participating in the continuation of Linda Montano’s 7 Years of Living Art. Individually, and as part of WWKA, her practice has been presented nationally, in Europe and in New York. She has received support for her artistic projects through the Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council and The Canada Council for the Arts. Linda Montano is a senior American artist whose work is particularily influential to feminist performance art. She has been actively performing since the mid-1960s, devoted to "learning how to live better through life-like artworks." In 2003, La Centrale hosted an all-night sleepover workshop with Montano which coincided with Linda M. Montano: 14 Years of Living Art, curated by Jennifer Fisher, at the Liane and Danny Taran Gallery (Saidye Bronfman Centre).

It’s not easy being GREEN